Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's Internet Stuff

Greetings all, and welcome to my blog-o-blag.

I will be posting things from my internet wanderings. Things relating to science, comedy, animation, general geek culture, and whatever else tickles my fancy. You (lucky readers) will also be privy to my special commentary.  We'll start off with a few links today:


 Having not watched her video, I would say her best defense against the shitstorm heading her way is that she doesn't speak that language and could not accurately reproduce it. Also her main complaint was that she was distracted in the library where the speaker shouldn't have been on the phone.  But the response this guy made is actually not bad. Chorus is at least good.

tl;dr: dumb blond, song's worth a listen.


My time travel machine only goes forward. And only rarely do I end up without clothes.


Oh my. This is funny, and I think a good place to end my first days wanderings. See you all tomorrow. To my time machine!


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